Elica Aplomb 60厘米 900m³/h 煙囪式抽油煙機 (黑色)
Elica Aplomb 60厘米 900m³/h 煙囪式抽油煙機 (黑色) Elica Aplomb 60厘米 900m³/h 煙囪式抽油煙機 (黑色)

Elica Aplomb 60厘米 900m³/h 煙囪式抽油煙機 (黑色)

Elica APLOMB BL/A/60
已售出 >20 件



已售出 >20 件
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The lightness of glass meets the solidity of steel in a linear, compact and high-performance hood, that expresses modernity and innovation. 
The innovative function Multi-d Capture allows new perimeter aspiration, for a very efficient smoke capturing mode.
Contemporary spaces increasingly see the kitchen environment converging into the living one. Thanks to its  compact, linear and elegant design Aplomb well integrates into today's home environments without renouncing to good performance.
The visual lightness of Aplomb is conceived to accommodate the Multi-d Capture technology that allows capturing fumes and bad smells from three sides (from the bottom and from the side). An even larger extraction surface for top performance.
The hood is very easy to clean, with its flat shape. Moreover, Aplomb has been designed to offer an easy and safe experience during the maintenance operations: once the panel is open, is possible to directly access to the internal part of the hood without any obstacle and the grease filters can be removed just sliding them out.
Even the interaction is intuitive and simplified thanks to the new capacitive User Interface which is provided with the Switch off delay function that allows consumer to set the automatic shut-down of the selected speed after a pre-set time.


Size: 60, 90 cm
Controls: 3S+B Capacitive Touch Control 
Total Absorption: 233 W 
Voltage: 220 - 240W
Lighting: Stripe LED 1 x3W 3500K
Black Glass, White Glass

Duct Size: 

Noise Level: 
51-64 db(A)

Booster Airflow: 
300-900 m3/h


Energy Class (EU): A (EU)
Gas Hob Distance: 
(HK EMSD Standard 70cm)

Induction Hob Distance: 45cm