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-30% Panasonic CW-HZ180YA 2.0HP Inverter Cool and Heat Window Type Air Conditioner

Panasonic CW-HZ180YA 2.0HP Inverter Cool and Heat Window Type Air Conditioner

Brand: Panasonic 樂聲
Product Code: CW-HZ180YA
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Size Length 800 mm X Width 660 mm X Height 428 mm
Maintenance Period 3 year(s)
Motor Maintenance Period 5 year(s)
Special: $8,799 Ask for Quote
選擇附加服務 :

LABEL125 Recycling Labels for Air-Conditioner / WasheriA product set out in this receipt is regulated electrical equipment under the Product Ecoresponsibility Ordinance (Cap. 603). The Ordinance imposes a recycling levy on the product as follows, product prices listed on this website have already included such fee, customers do not have to pay this fee on top of the selling price separately.

Air conditioner: $125 per item | Refrigerator: $165 per item

Washing machine: $125 per item | Television: $165 per item


Additional: Dismantle for Existing Window Type Air-Con Service $100

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2.0HP Window type Air-Con Standard Installation $490

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Additional: Statutory Removal Serviceimore than 3 working days, depends on the schedule of recycler

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Additional: Premium Removal Service (same-day delivery) (COD) $100-200

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Panasonic 樂聲 CW-HZ180YA

2 HP (Heat Pump model - Remote Control Model)
Cooling Capacity : 17,100 Btu/h
Heating Capacity : 17,100 Btu/h
Annual cooling energy consumption (Based on 1,200hrs/h operation):603 kWh
Grade 1 Energy Label (Cooling/heating)
R32 Refrigerant: High Cooling capacity, High efficiency, Eco
3 years warranty: Entire unit
5 years warranty: Compressor

Cooling Seasonal Performance Factor(CSPF): 4.1987
Heating Seasonal Performance Factor(CSPF): 3.5967
High efficiency and eco: R32 has a shorter lifespan and fewer infrared absorption in the ozone layer than R410A that it traps less greenhouse gases. The global warming potential(GWP) of R32 is 675, which is 67% less than R410A, alleviating the problem of global warming.
"Inverter" type compressor adjusts output power finely to maintain a constant temperature and save energy; Stable operation leads to quiet indoor environment
The double fan motor and compressor coated with soundproofing material enhance the quietness during operation
Anti-Corrosive Blue Fin Condenser forms barrier between the water vapor in the air and the fin to prevent oxidization and rusting, which makes the condenser durable.
Wireless Remote Control
12-Hour On/Off Dual Setting Timer
Dehumidifying Function
Powerful Mode
All-in-one filter, effective in suppressing bacteria, virus, allergens and mold
3 years warranty: Entire unit
5 years warranty: Compressor
Dimension(H x W x D):428 x 660 x 800mm

Air Conditioner
HP 2.0HP

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